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Meet the women and men of Worldline – Maria Laura Duel

Meet the women and men of Worldline
Maria Laura Duek

Maria Laura Duek

Head of Process and Methodology – Mobility & e-Transactional Services at Worldline Argentina

What is your line of work? Why did you join the technology business in the first place? What motivated you?

I am located in Buenos Aires and I am in charge of Process and Methodology. It is a cross area that provide services to Worldline’s Mobility & e-Transactional Services; it can be divided into different sub-areas: project management, implementations with specialists who work for project implementation, operational support for transport operations, and quality management and CSAT.

I have been working at Worldline for 20 years. I started as a programmer, a system engineer to be more precise, when I was 19 years old after finishing my technical school. I have actually always wanted to stay very close to technology. Then, I moved to tasks related to project management and quality control.

My motivation has been my professional development, improving my skills which would in turn allow me to develop my career. When I was a programmer, I liked to solve very specific problems and being in front of new challenges. Nowadays I enjoy the management; developing my team, getting involved in complex projects that bring value to customers and being a facilitator in making things happen. Customer satisfaction and customer experience are also what drives my motivation.


What do you find more challenging in your profession?

What I find challenging in my work, but at the same time very exciting for my professional development, is that we are continuously working on different projects implementations, discovering new areas that contribute to my professional experience as well as that of my team. Likewise, it can be challenging to bring solutions that add value for customers. As a payment company, we continuously strive to provide wide payment channels in our transport solution, improving the customer experience and following the digital transformation; this is our main challenge. Luckily, it is very rewarding to be able to measure our actions through customer satisfaction.


What are you most proud of in your work?

Having clear targets and being able to meet objectives and bring value to customers are really important for me. Moreover, I am proud of promoting team work between different areas, obtaining better results and my colleagues’ recognition regarding my team’s contribution and the work they do. I am also very happy when I feel that my team is motivated and satisfied, as it is a key component of my role as a manager.  


Being a woman in a technology company, which is a business sector where women are less represented in average than in banking or media and communication for example, what would you say to young women thinking about their future professional orientations?

I would tell them the same thing I thought when I was young and had to make a decision regarding my career: think of a career that offers you a wide number of opportunities, with a lot of different specialties, and obviously with different work opportunities. Technology is not just software programming (by the way that is fascinating!), technology is a strong basis that can be applied to different areas such as economy, communications, entertainment, quality, etc. Currently there are several new interesting specialties associated with technology and payment like for example crypto-economy. I think that the stereotype that ties technology to men is old. 


What would you advise your female colleagues to do within Worldline to successfully develop their career path?

My advice is based on my experience: work hard and fight for what you want! As women we have different strengths. Being a mother is not a restriction to continue your career, let´s avoid this way of thinking. 


What would say to your male colleagues?

I must say that I have always felt respected by my male colleagues. To my colleagues in general  (men and women), I would recommend focusing on a person’s characteristics, regardless of the gender, avoiding stereotypes that associate management with males or other positions with females, when hiring.


What advices would you give to achieve work-life balance?

From a management point of view, I understand that the key is to have a good team, with clear roles and responsibilities, that you can rely on, trust and empower. It helps to minimize the urge to control or manage every single point that may arise.

You also need to accept that sometimes your work life status might be unbalanced but make sure it is exceptional and justified.

Finally, I believe that it is important to disconnect when you get out of work. In my opinion, sport activities outside the office can help. I personally like to run. Thus, I try to start early in the morning so that I can also pursue my hobby. 


How has Worldline helped you to advance in your career and reach your professional goals?

Over the past 20 years, Worldline gave me the opportunity to take over various roles in the field of technology, which is the best way to enrich your skills and competences and to enlarge your perspective. I have also been given various developments and training opportunities throughout my career which helped me to feel confident each time I took over a new challenge.